Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Volklore : create your own lore.

A run-away idea that started some time in 2007, (probably during summer) while living in earshot of the city. Volklore, like all good ideas has valmorphenized through many states, from the sublime, to the ridiculous, back to the sublime, which is hopefully where it will remain. With, of course a potential to deviate at any given moment.

Now in a key stage of it's development and nearing a point of exposure to the excellent, edgy and the free, Volklore invites without discrimination or prejudice anyone who can juggle the balls of style and occasionally throw in the odd chainsaw for good measure...

Below are a bunch of sketches which have been worked on by Felix & Sam from Volklore.


Founding member,
Oz Hawkins, Circa 1944, Solomon Islands, The Pacific.

 To "punch a hole in the breeze", is to part company with your surroundings. This was a saying used frequently by Osbourne James Hawkins, my grandfather.

With a head full of knowledge, most of which he would protest is useless, Oz as he was affectionately known is a source of inspiration for everything on Hole in the Breeze. A discerning eye for detail, an ability to recognize and re-create objects of quality and an understanding of their value to the people around him. Surrounding himself with ephemera and antiquity in equal measure, openly displaying the extent of his obsessive, compulsive disorder and requiring no judgment for it.

Volklore is the name given to our clothing line. It is designed and produced with the same obsessiveness, with a compulsion to offer the perspective of a discerning eye, the ability to forecast that which is innovative and re-create and borrow from ideas of antiquity, which have bridged decades and centuries with their ability to remain durable, functional and aesthetically desirable.