Wednesday, January 26, 2011



We would be lost without it! So, we made a tribute to the theory which under-pins arranged sound... Based on artwork from sheet music and aged lithographic prints, we re-drew, chopped and arranged what we had to make our own mix for this artwork. We added a print at the under side of the sleeves on this T, looks good when sleeves are rolled back a little.

The youtube video clip (above) shows the artwork and some of the development stages it went through too.

Inspiration: close up view of original section , before being re-drawn / cut up and 
put on screen ready for 1 colour printing. Originally we made 2 screens for this artwork,
but one was too big, we prefer the placement style printed artwork for this one.

Development artwork.


Available around the U.K. at selected stores. We will have a full list of those uploaded by next week. 
In the meantime, if you're in Manchester you can find it at Intro clothing, Deansgate.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Here, have some FREE music too...

Free, mixed(ish) music.
happy 2011 to everyone...

Volklore Spring Summer 2011

Get to know us and our new Spring Summer 2011 collection through the coming blog updates. 

We will be delivering in to 26 selected stores over the next 2 weeks. 

At Volklore we want a story behind all of the things we would be proud to call our own. We want to work with and learn from people who are esteemed because of what they have done and they way in which they've done it. 

We have focussed our attention on a variety of artwork styles and things which we felt freshened our view in 2011, along with an inventive approach to screen printing techniques incorporating both the inside and the outside of the garments.

The artwork featured we made for a T-shirt we later called 'BATUR'. An active volcano in Bali, Indonesia. We climbed it at 3am to see the sunrise.

Crew neck Style name 'BATUR' on Cotton / Modal 50/50. 

You can buy this style and choose from plenty of others, from;

                      INTRO Menswear 51, Deansgate ,Manchester.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Caterpillar Club!

Following on from earlier blog posts we mentioned that at Volklore we have got a big interest in clothing. Particularly clothing with a functional or traditional twist. We love Items which are built for specialist 
functions and the tools used to make and build these classic artefacts.  
This post is focused on our love of military clothing, specifically and perhaps the most functional and essential item when up high, (although not really an item of clothing) the parachute.
We were recently passed this gold Badge (See below Pic) 
It represents the members of a little known, although worldwide club called, the Caterpillar Club. A close friend of the Volklore team, was a member, awarded his badge around the 1960's. We have no idea for which of the occasions that he flew as a test pilot, that he was awarded his badge, but we do know he had to ditch a few planes!

Soundcloud link to loads of tunes!

This is a little rough...but there you go!

Monday, January 03, 2011

happy new yearwigz

we've really enjoyed selecting some of the greats and olds with some of the awesome and news.a good 1hr 30 mins of music, so fill your boots on a road trip, at your desk, or wherever. x